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Menus for Cats

There are many famous cats whose preoccupation with food has been well documented.

There’s Sylvester, who continually tries to outwit Granny and her AK-Umbrella to get to Tweety Bird, the canary-du-jour.

There’s Garfield, Jim Davis’s creation, who may have single-handedly revitalized sales of frozen lasagna.

There’s Tigger, who looks like he’s on a perpetual Halloween sugar high.

Then there’s Stubby.

Maybe you haven’t heard of Stubby.

Stubby is the cat of author Jan Markley. Well, technically, it’s not Jan’s cat, but her niece’s cat.

I’ll let Jan explain:

My niece’s cat lives with me because my nephew is allergic to cats. They found that out after Santa Claus brought Stubby the cat from some friends he knew in China (my niece’s childhood version of the story).

I soon discovered that Stubby liked all human food made of wheat. You couldn’t turn your back on your bowl of chilli and bun for a minute without the cat jumping up on the table and absconding with the bun down to the furnace room. In order to ease her transition to living with me, my niece would give Stubby a variety of foods made from wheat: Cheerios, crackers and bread. One time when my niece was five, and visiting her cat at my house, she decided to open a Cafe for her cat.

Here’s the menu of many delights that a cat could enjoy.

A Pate Late? Maybe Starbucks will start marketing to felines.

Ceracer = Cracker. I love the use of the accents (French immersion kindergarten paid off).   

As writers they tell us to read everything, even menus (this is especially fun when in another country where the menu has been translated into English).

 Now a teenager, Teaghan isn’t writing menus for a cat cafe, but she still writes and blogs at Tiny Canadian where she shares the random rants of a tiny Canadian.

And as for her aunt, she still provides for all of Stubby’s wheat needs (no gluten allergy there). Jan blogs at Three Dead Moths where she explores where writing meets life.