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Let it Linger (And Leave a Note)

Chrissy found this laying on her husband’s pillow:



When documenting incidents of flatulence in relation to bedding, accurate timestamping is always important.

A Sole-ful Confession

Max Note


Thanks to Thom for sharing this confessional note courtesy of his 4-year-old (with a possible assist from his preschool teacher).

Max’s preschool teacher. Not Thom’s.

Sir Mix-A-Lot Doesn’t Think It’s a Problem!


Kids, Death, and an Inheritance Wish List

I am fascinated by how children view death. Unlike adults, kids are often able to talk about death like the eventuality it is. A few months ago, I told my six-year-old twins that it was Grandma’s 70th Birthday. My son asked, “Is she still alive?”

Well, one 7-year-old, who we’ll call SZ, has taken the eventuality of death to another level. He’s planning for it. This isn’t surprising if you know that SZ’s uncle is Clay Morgan, a fantastic blogger and all around great guy. Clay himself has worked in graveyards, so maybe there’s a recessive curious-about-death gene that runs through his family. Or maybe it’s just plain cleverness.

SZ is also obsessed with technology, including his uncle’s blog, He even created some original artwork.

"Clay's page from Educlaytion"

Clay thinks that by the time his nephew is thirteen, SZ will be the IT Director of Morgan Multimedia Worldwide, Clay’s not-so-secret plan to rule the world. I think Clay’s underestimating SZ. The kid’s a planner. I’d say he’ll have his sites on the CEO chair.

Here’s the proof.

So it’s Christmas holidays. SZ decides it’s time to make a list. Not a list of things he wants from Santa Claus, but a list of things he’d like, once his Grammy and Auntie die.

Here are the items that SZ has his eye on, you know, given the eventuality of death:

An Inheritance Wish List

Even a record player.

SZ is retro cool. At age 7.

Look out, Clay Morgan.