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No Wonder Those Bugs Look So Happy

Jan is a kindergarten teacher. She sees lots of great stuff kids write.

But Jan’s own 5-year-old son brought this one home from school. In her words:

“Glad to see phonics is working. I’m a proud mom.”

You should be, Jan.

In this case, Ii is for Impressive.


If you see an impressive example of stuff a kid wrote, snap a pic with your smartphone and share it with the followers of SKW! Please email to either or

Thanks, and happy Isexing to all!

Chase and Leanne

P.S. – I Definitely Know I Don’t Like Mom’s Meatloaf

Sometimes kids write in strange places.

Thanks to SKW reader Tina for submitting this awesome piece. She explains:

I found this note while moving. I’ve had that table for about 8 years and never knew it was there!

The unanswered question: Who wrote this?

Based on the sentiment expressed, we can at least narrow it down to only those kids who’ve ever had parents.

My Little Pony: The Daddy Collection

Burp Poetry

Every parent hopes to read special words written by their children.

Jennifer hoped too.

She found this poem in her son’s notebook.

Ode to onomatopoeia and repetition.


Thanks to Jennifer for sharing this note she found in Max’s backpack via Instagram. Max’s writing has been featured here before: Does Elbow Licking Count As Spending Time Wisely? You can read more about Jennifer’s life with Max and his twin sister at And check her out on Twitter: @nuckingfutsmama.

A Dime A Dozen = A Year’s Worth of Tutoring

Sahaana is a small businesswoman.

Literally. She’s 7.

And she’s saving up to buy her own iPad. So, in hopes of drumming up a little business among attending parents, she advertised her tutoring services during her brother’s birthday party.

Based on her monthly fee and the rate of inflation, Sahaana should be able to purchase her own iPad somewhere around the year 2032.

Sahaana, don’t sell yourself short, even if you are short.

Better grades are worth more than a dime! Add some zeros to that figure and bump the decimal to the right, girl!


Thanks to Vasu and Priya, Sahaana’s parents, for sharing their daughter’s awesome entrepreneurial spirit.

The Sun’ll Come Out… Tomorrow?

We all have ’em…

But few of us ever have the foresight to post a sign on our bedroom door alerting others to the fact it’s the worst day of life. By far.

And including a hand-drawn emoticon to further drive home the point and alert potential non-readers to the fact? Next-level stuff, for sure.

Thanks to Anji for sharing her son’s sun’s status update.

If he’d drawn a “Like” box, we’d have checked it for sure.

Pizza Don’t Have No Flees

Written by SC, age 7.

A Butt-Kicking for the Ages

Brian wrote this story when he was a kid. His parents kept it. You’ll understand why. They had to be incredibly proud.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The moral of this story?

Talking mice are inherently wise. If one ever offers you advice, take it.

Just don’t bend over to take it.

Especially if you’re naked.

When Your Little Sister Gives You 7 Exclamation Points, You’d Better Recognize

Brin is 6. She left this whiteboard note on her 8-year-old brother’s bed.

Be Honest: Farting Noises Is One of Your Top 20 Favorite Games to Play, Too

Kids love making lists, whether they’re letters to Santa or detailed explanations of their favorite things.

And kids are honest.

This is a terrific combination.

Cathy shared this list that her 7-year-old created for a school project. She explains:

You can imagine how proud I was to see Xander’s “Me Collage” displayed in the hall outside his 2nd grade classroom, where he listed all of his favorite things to play, and last but not least, at #19 is every 7-year-old boy’s favorite past-time… farting noises.

So Xander made a list, but he may not have checked it twice.

Farting noises has to be ahead of soccer guys, right?


Thanks to Cathy for sharing Xander’s memorable “Me Collage” with Stuff Kids Write.

HELPFUL REMINDER: Parent-teacher conferences are a great time to wander the halls and classrooms, whip out your camera phones, and snap pics of funny kid writing that you come across. Then send it to And please tell your children’s teachers about us, as well!