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P.S. – I Definitely Know I Don’t Like Mom’s Meatloaf

Sometimes kids write in strange places.

Thanks to SKW reader Tina for submitting this awesome piece. She explains:

I found this note while moving. I’ve had that table for about 8 years and never knew it was there!

The unanswered question: Who wrote this?

Based on the sentiment expressed, we can at least narrow it down to only those kids who’ve ever had parents.

Playing the Guilt Card

This morning, I found this note behind a dresser. I’m not sure when it was written or under what circumstances, but it pretty much cuts to the chase:


I’m about 82% positive my wife didn’t actually say “I don’t love you” to our 7-year-old son. He came to that conclusion after-the-fact based on some sort of traumatic interaction or event involving his mom. Three possible scenarios:

  1. A remnant of crust remained on a butter-and-jelly sandwich she had prepared for him.
  2. At bedtime, she laid in bed with his brother for 15 seconds longer than she did with him.
  3. She suggested that Yoda’s lightsaber skills are overrated.

Oh no she didn’t!

No, she probably didn’t.


If your children have ever played the guilt card on you, or you have any other funny writing they or other kids have composed, please share it with us by sending to stuffkidswrite (at) gmail (dot) com!

The Power of a Single Word

Occasions such as Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day seem to bring out Hallmark moments in children. School backpacks burst with bent cards that beg to be hung on our fridges.

Katie knows that.

When her daughter was in Grade 1, she made a beautiful Valentine’s Day card for her mom.

In her daughter’s careful printing were these words:

My mom is




Hint: to pronounce “beauiful” without the “t”, pretend you’re Jamie Oliver.

Katie, as proud parents are wont to do, hung the declaration on the bulletin board in her office.

I can imagine her looking up at it and smiling.

A few days pass.

She’s again at her desk.

She looks up at the note again.

And Katie sees this:

Stuff Kids Write

Yes, her daughter had edited the card.

Not. A six-year-old demonstrates the power of a single word.


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