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Be Honest: Farting Noises Is One of Your Top 20 Favorite Games to Play, Too

Kids love making lists, whether they’re letters to Santa or detailed explanations of their favorite things.

And kids are honest.

This is a terrific combination.

Cathy shared this list that her 7-year-old created for a school project. She explains:

You can imagine how proud I was to see Xander’s “Me Collage” displayed in the hall outside his 2nd grade classroom, where he listed all of his favorite things to play, and last but not least, at #19 is every 7-year-old boy’s favorite past-time… farting noises.

So Xander made a list, but he may not have checked it twice.

Farting noises has to be ahead of soccer guys, right?


Thanks to Cathy for sharing Xander’s memorable “Me Collage” with Stuff Kids Write.

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