I love you but…

Eight-year-old Vivian keeps a notebook in the backseat of her family’s car.

“For emergencies,” she says.

Evidently she had an emergency last week. While stopped at a red light, she handed her mom this note:


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Thank Goodness She Doesn’t Have Mrs. Fluck for First Grade

Shelly’s daughter loves her first grade teacher, so she drew a picture and shared it with her.

Her teacher shared the picture with Shelly.

Shelly shared it with Stuff Kids Write.

Thanks, Shelly.

Thanks, Shelly’s daughter.

Thanks, Shelly’s daughter’s teacher, Mrs. Schmidt.

Sharing truly is the sh*t.


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(PS – If you happen to be reading this and your name actually is Mrs. Fluck and you’re a first grade teacher, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! send us just a handful of  what must be the thousands of student papers you’ve collected over the years with your name misspelled. Thanks!)

My Little Pony: The Daddy Collection

What Adults Don’t Know About Kids, Gardens, and Poetry

When Chrissy Irwin’s sister was in second grade, she had to keep a journal.

One day Jillian and her classmates had to write poetry.

This is what Jillian wrote:

It seems incredibly insightful.

Long live logic. And kids who are funny in spite of their teachers.


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How Does One Help With Those?


A new school year provides lots of opportunities to spot awesome stuff that kids write!

If you find something humorous hanging on the wall when visiting your children’s schools, snap a pic with your phone and pass it along to us.

And please tell friends and teachers about Stuff Kids Write!

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When Sentences Make You Sad

Eight-year-old Cameron brought his books home from school in June. His dad, Lloyd, found this:

Cameron’s writing has appeared here before. Please check out a touching post, How Our Kids Re-Write Us, and two funny ones, When Kids Try Hot Sauce and Stuipid Gardening.

Follow Lloyd’s intelligent and hilarious musings on Twitter: @LloydRang.

A Dog: Every Kid in the Universe (Including Aliens) Should Have One

Read this manifesto letter and decide for yourself, but we’re pretty sure that 9-year-old Rylan — of Lego portfolio fame — would like to have a dog.

Your sorrowful son? Talk about twisting the canine dagger.

Thanks to Travis and Suzie — Rylan’s heartless parents — for sharing this masterpiece of wanton kid-inflicted parental shame inducement with SKW.

Thank you for your what?

There is never any shortage of adventure in a middle school classroom. Last year I was mistakenly called a slut and jokingly deemed hotter than Megan Fox.

This year, I evidently forgot to teach students that you do not hyphenate one syllable words if you run out of room at the end of a line.

My (cl)ass and I are going to have a stellar vacation, thank you very much.

But No Pressure with Dinner, Mom

Six-year-old Jack wrote this while patiently waiting for his mom, Suzy, to make dinner.

Moms are miracle workers, but this still seems a bit unfair.

(You can learn more about Suzy and her family at suzysammons.com)

Pulling the Rip Cord

You know the ol’ school yard saying: The smeller’s the feller… who was the second person to jump out of the plane.

For more bodily function prose, click here.