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Thank you for your what?

There is never any shortage of adventure in a middle school classroom. Last year I was mistakenly called a slut and jokingly deemed hotter than Megan Fox.

This year, I evidently forgot to teach students that you do not hyphenate one syllable words if you run out of room at the end of a line.

My (cl)ass and I are going to have a stellar vacation, thank you very much.

Shirt Happens. Or It Doesn’t.

Sometimes, you just have to step out of the way and let brilliance run its course.

Thanks to Amanda Bast for submitting this to Stuff Kids Write. Here’s the story in her words:

“I came across this gem while I was in Teacher’s College. It was posted on a bulletin board in a kindergarten class. The teacher was very sweet and innocent (just the type you’d expect to teach kindies), and I knew she hadn’t fully read what the card said. Her example had said, “Thanks for the shirt,” with a drawing of a shirt. So maybe that explains the simple mistake, but it doesn’t really explain the picture of the flowers.

I prefer to interpret it as, ‘You could have gotten me something awesome, Mom, but instead you got me this vase of flowers. I’m five. I don’t need flowers. Thank you for the shit. I even drew a picture of the shit so you know exactly what shit I’m talking about.’

The best part: I found it the day after parent-teacher interviews.”

You can read more of Amanda’s humorous anecdotes at her new site. Click here  to check it out.

Much Inspiration, No?

We’ve all seen these DIRECTV commercials featuring “Gregor” the Russian billionaire.

In fact, even 7-year-old boys without cable have watched these ads.

Gregor? Igor? It’s not important. What is important is that the television viewing dreams of grateful young Americans are being realized thanks to fictional Russian billionaires.

Unfortunately, this postscript was cut off Gabriel’s letter:

“P.S. If you could hook me up with one of those petite lap giraffes, that be epic win!”

Thanks for sharing, Shelly.

And Gabriel: Opulence, you has it.

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