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The Best Santa Letter Book Ever!

Phillip Santa Letter Page 1Phillip Santa Letter Page 2Phillip Santa Letter Page 3Phillip Santa Letter Page 4Thanks to Liz for sharing her 8-year-old’s Christmas letter! (And good luck with that list, Liz!)

Happy holidays, everyone!

Enjoy the Milk and Arsenic-laced Cookies, Santa!

It’s very common for young children to confuse their “b”s and “d”s when writing.

Happens all the time.

Katina’s 6-year-old daughter had just such a mix-up when composing her letter to Santa this year.

Innocent mistake.

Still, might not be a bad idea for the Jolly Ol’ Elf to make sure he brings everything on her list.

After all, roofs can get awfully “slippery” on Christmas Eve.

It’d be terrible if there was an accident.

Watch your step, Mr. Claus…


Thanks to Katina for sharing this Santa letter with SKW’s readers!

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After all, ’tis the season of giving, and laughter is really easy to gift-wrap.

What Teenage Boys Ask Santa For

You’re never too old to write a Dear Santa letter, especially if you need working toilets in your house.

Sixteen-year-old Greyson seems to have it all going on, except for—as previously mentioned—properly working toilets.

Check out Grey’s list yourself.

Thanks to Grey and his awesome mom, Ginger. Please check out Ginger’s own writing at her blog and her Facebook Author Page.

In the comments, please tell us: What would have been on your “Dear Santa” list when you were sixteen?

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Things Really Went Downhill in 2nd Grade

And my 8-year-old’s other moms?

Total trolls. Really.

Pizza Don’t Have No Flees

Written by SC, age 7.

Easter is the Coolest Holiday

Things that are cool about Easter when you’re a kid:

1. Putting a beatdown on those other fool suckas in the egg hunt

2. Decapitating chocolate bunnies

3. Scattering that plastic grass crap in your basket all over the house

4. Sucking the filling out of Cadbury eggs

5. Your brother Mike

Brad from CampusLIVE snapped this pic. The letter hangs on his friend Noelle’s parents’ fridge. She wrote it to her brother Mike when she was a kid.

Hope you and yours have the coolest of Easters.

Holy Gwockomoly! This Birthday Card is Be. A. Utiful.

A card — particularly the homemade variety — can be a gift in and of itself.

Like this one.

MW, my 7-year-old nephew, composed this handcrafted masterpiece for his mom on her birthday. It’s beyond words.

But here are a few anyway:

1. Sydney is the dog. No mention of MW’s younger brother, but he undoubtedly loves his mama, too.

2. Mother and son both have beautiful eyes. True story. Probably genetic.

3. Correctly spelling “beautiful” — twice — is impressive at any age.

4. My sister-in-law really does make the best gwockomoly.

5. Nothing says “happy birthday” like hearts. And bananas.


Thanks to MW’s dad for sharing this beauty, and now it’s your turn.

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The Power of a Single Word

Occasions such as Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day seem to bring out Hallmark moments in children. School backpacks burst with bent cards that beg to be hung on our fridges.

Katie knows that.

When her daughter was in Grade 1, she made a beautiful Valentine’s Day card for her mom.

In her daughter’s careful printing were these words:

My mom is




Hint: to pronounce “beauiful” without the “t”, pretend you’re Jamie Oliver.

Katie, as proud parents are wont to do, hung the declaration on the bulletin board in her office.

I can imagine her looking up at it and smiling.

A few days pass.

She’s again at her desk.

She looks up at the note again.

And Katie sees this:

Stuff Kids Write

Yes, her daughter had edited the card.

Not. A six-year-old demonstrates the power of a single word.


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