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Because Sharks, That’s Why.

William is reading The Battle of Riptide, the second book in the Shark Wars series.

His teacher requires him to complete a reading log question after he finishes his daily home reading.

Yesterday’s question asked this:

Kids Notes

Because a shark on land is a dead shark. That’s why.

Nailed it.

When Parents “Wrestle” and Kids Write Notes

Catherine, of The Dabels Divulge, shared what went on at her house one morning.

The man and I were busy “wrestling” and locked our bedroom door. Our daughter kept knocking, saying she wanted in. We told her, “GO AWAY, WE’RE SLEEPING!”

And then this note comes flying in under the door. 

Pepsi Wrestling SKW.jpg

So of course I checked yes and unlocked the door.

The things you have to do for a Pepsi these days.

#$%*ing Toilet Humor

When Tara’s stepdaughter was seven, she wrote about how the world needed to change.

SKW Toilet Graffiti

Translation: “I would really like to change the world. I think we should put more trees and more water, and there is too much dirt, too. Stop writing ‘fuck’ in toilets. Thank you.”

We couldn’t agree more.


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When Your 9-Year-Old Watches Shark Week on TV…

…it’s best to avoid him.

Check out the note that adorns his bedroom door:Shark Week SKW

Blah Blah Blah.


Guilt and Attention: a seven year old’s arsenal

A long time ago, when Caity was a wee girl of seven, she wrote her mom a note.

Caity, now an adult, recently discovered this relic. “It looks like I threw something and hit one of my siblings, earning a spank from Mom,” she explains. “Then I pulled out all the stops to try to get attention, make her feel guilty, apologize, and use sarcasm. Oh, childhood!”

Sounds like everyday in my house.

 Guilt Letter to Mom Post Spanking

Actual Translation: Mom, you scratched me when you spanked me. I know you hate me, you can tell me that. Anyway, can I call Dad? I have a feeling you’ll say No. Now what am I gonna do? Your stupid daughter, Caity. P.S. Enjoy the rest of the show. P.P.S. I didn’t mean to do that. Because no one knew where it was gonna land!! P.P.P.S. I feel sick. 😦 XOXOXO….

Metaphorical Translation: Mom, we’re little sh*ts. I won’t be surprised if you open a bottle of wine. I will be surprised if you wait until after dinner.


Thanks to Caity for the submission. You can find Caity at her blog, Readviews.


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The Truth About Crossword Puzzles

Eight-year-old Vivian has spent hours watching her dad do crossword puzzles.

Last week, on day four of being stuck at home with a high fever, she grabbed the puzzle page of the newspaper, did the word search, and wrote on her dad’s beloved puzzle.

What's the point crossword

I wonder what the “down” clue is for that…


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The Ofnig (Orphanage) Might Be Getting More Crowded

Seven-year-old Olivia was jumping on the bed when her mom asked her to stop. She kept jumping, so her dad yelled at her.

Olivia responded in writing, handed this note to her parents, and ran to another room.


“I don’t know what to say but I want to be with an orphanage.”

Do you think an adult ofnig is a pub? I hope so.


Thanks to Thuy for sharing what Olivia wrote.

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What Teenage Boys Ask Santa For

You’re never too old to write a Dear Santa letter, especially if you need working toilets in your house.

Sixteen-year-old Greyson seems to have it all going on, except for—as previously mentioned—properly working toilets.

Check out Grey’s list yourself.

Thanks to Grey and his awesome mom, Ginger. Please check out Ginger’s own writing at her blog and her Facebook Author Page.

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Caramel Popcorn With What?

Autumn is the season of Thanksgiving.

Do you know what your children are thankful for?

You might be surprised.

Eight boxes. That’s a lot of . . . toppings.

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School agendas and fainting

Lief is a clever nine-year-old who (intentionally or not) seems to be poking fun at the idea of setting weekly goals.

This is what he wrote in his agenda as his goal for the week:

I am happy to report that Lief did, in fact, achieve his goal. He remains upright.


Thanks to Lief’s hilarious mom, Lorraine of  Worn Ragged: Mommies on the Edge, for sharing this with us.


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