Dads and Grandpas: Bring on the Nair!



It’s probably safe to assume that Uncle Jeff has a hairy chest and arms, as well.


Thanks to Jessica for sharing her 7-year-old’s astute, concise observations detailing the only real meaningful difference between males and females.

Speaking of being observant, this is a great time of year to discover some hidden gems in your children’s backpacks as you decontaminate and disinfect clean them out. Please consider submitting these treasures to Stuff Kids Write! (No, we’re not referring to the rock-hard, half-eaten cheese sticks; we mean the humorous school assignments.)

And have a terrific Father’s Day, all you hairy beasts out there! Just don’t go shedding all over everybody!

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  1. awww adorable not to mention funny!

  2. That’s too funny!! Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  3. Cute..

  4. Aww really adorable! The kid is a darling 🙂

  5. I think that it’s cute how this child named their family members as the most beautiful things that they have seen.

  6. charlielawrence1


  7. Awesome! And good to see that body hair is not an impediment to beauty ha ha!

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