Armpit Farts: The Only Way to End Your Day

Michael over at Dadicus Grinch shared this daily “To Do” list that his 7-year-old son Hayden brought home from school one day.

Michael asked if the teacher had assigned Hayden and his classmates the job of making a list: “No, a few of us just wanted to make them.”

You’ll find that Hayden’s list is incredibly thorough (and hilarious).

to_do_list to_do_list2 to_do_list4 to_do_list5

A couple of annotations, courtesy of Michael:

4. “Special” is the term for a rotating class: Art, Gym, Music…

14. “Pink” is what we call their fluoride rinse. So glad that I put the fear of the dentist in them — can you tell?

17. “Jump and do armpit farts” The boy is lucky he hasn’t cracked any ribs he’s been doing so many damn armpit farts.

In honor of 7-year-olds everywhere, we at Stuff Kids Write invite to join us in completing Hayden’s list today.

Just don’t crack any ribs.

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  1. too funny! great laugh for the morning.

  2. Hilarious!! I learned some new things from Hayden’s list!

  3. Reblogged this on peachyteachy and commented:
    My kind of to-do list!

  4. I love “play legos” then “have fun at legos” good to keep the emotion on the “to-do” list too 🙂 so funny!

  5. As a former nanny and current older sister of now 15, 11 & 10 year olds… this got me the biggest smile & giggle of the day! Too funny! And very precise, haha.

  6. What a great pick-me-up for a long day at work!!

  7. It’s always good to have goals!

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    I love this to do list!

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  10. I like making lists. The joy of completing things. This kid is on a roll.:)
    Please add voting for my design to your to-do lists:
    (Money for school!!)

  11. Oh this definitely made my day! I’m adding armpit farts to my list right now!

  12. Play legos should be on everyone’s list (adults included).

    Thanks for the laugh,

  13. thekellygeorge

    My first secretary used to make to-do lists that included #5. Guess it was important enough to write down lest she forget. She didn’t last very long. Obvs.

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  15. Armpit farts here too. I don’t why it’s universal!

  16. I have taken the liberty to nominate your blog for a Shout-out Award Great blog – always entertaining :). Merryn

  17. ha ha this blog is great -so witty! I love it if you could check out mine:

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