The Best Santa Letter Book Ever!

Phillip Santa Letter Page 1Phillip Santa Letter Page 2Phillip Santa Letter Page 3Phillip Santa Letter Page 4Thanks to Liz for sharing her 8-year-old’s Christmas letter! (And good luck with that list, Liz!)

Happy holidays, everyone!

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  1. Wow. I love it that he drew the wire to the lights on the tree.

  2. haha! that kid wants to be plugged in! 😉

  3. Kids are so funny..and smart 😛

  4. Funny… I’m pretty sure I asked for all the same things… in my 20s. Fail.

  5. Any kid who uses a semi-colon in his Christmas book HAS to be on the good list.

  6. themagnifyingglass96

    He sure is an Apple fan 🙂

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