Arghhhhh You Sure That First Answer’s Incorrect?

Thanks to Jen for sharing this pic of her 7-year-old son Ty’s social studies test.


First off, we can all agree the teacher using an X to mark that first definition incorrect is ironic, right?

We can also agree that answer would have never been marked wrong in Pirating 101. (And by the way, in Dora the Explorer 101, the only acceptable response would be, “Loud, incessantly-repetitive thing that annoys the frickin’ hell out of anyone older than five.”)

Ty, your thinking is the real treasure here.

Well played, matey. Well played.

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  1. That would be the answer to ANYTHING in Dora 101.

  2. Marking these answers as incorrect it’s the perfect way to raise future engeneers 😛

  3. If only this worked on tests in high school… I could get straight A’s every time!

  4. I know this is old, but I just found it. Anyway, his answer for the first one is more correct than the teachers!!! A map does not have to be “a drawing of the earth as seen from the sky” and not all “drawing of the earth as seen from the sky” are maps.

    So according to the teacher the map I have of my building is not a map.
    The memory map I have of my computer’s memory isn’t actually a map.
    My career map, isn’t actually a map.

    At the same time, thousands of landscape drawings apparently are maps.

    On the other hand if you have something that shows you where a treasure is, it’s nearly always going to be a map. A map is a tool that helps you get someplace, or find something and if you consider that someplace or something you want to get to or find as a “treasure” then the kid is exactly right.

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