A Dog: Every Kid in the Universe (Including Aliens) Should Have One

Read this manifesto letter and decide for yourself, but we’re pretty sure that 9-year-old Rylan — of Lego portfolio fame — would like to have a dog.

Your sorrowful son? Talk about twisting the canine dagger.

Thanks to Travis and Suzie — Rylan’s heartless parents — for sharing this masterpiece of wanton kid-inflicted parental shame inducement with SKW.

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  1. Oh that was nice, really really nice….
    “your sorrowful son”
    the kid is so serious 🙂 very cute

  2. This boy going to be a lawyer when he grows up? Lol

  3. (Still including aliens)…. hahaha that was priceless. I hope they save that for when he’s older.

  4. This one, this is a serious masterpiece. I loved the “I need a dog to live” and the fact he needs him to “save his life”. I believe he had to suffer bullies for a while. I love that he included in the options a “vicious dog”, that seems open-minded. And “I’ll give you half of my allowance”, that’s genius. Not to mention the hydrate part.

  5. What a smart little boy, such a vocabulary! He also has great penmanship. I hope he gets a dog soon. The alien part was pretty funny!

  6. Oh this is hysterical. He seems pretty smart – what kid uses “hydrate” instead of “water”?! And he writes in better cursive than I do. If I were his mom, I would probably be pretty easily swayed!

  7. This is amazing. What a smart kid!! I think my favorite part (besides the aliens) was, “In fact, I need a dog to live.”

    If this doesn’t work, nothing will. (Actually, a letter is how I finally got my parents to cave! And my handwriting at 11 wasn’t this stellar. I think things are looking good for Rylan.)

  8. “I need a dog to live”! That’s what I thought when I was his age, but my parents never got me a dog. Hopefully he got one 🙂

  9. Reblogged this on Sarah's Brand New Chapter and commented:
    I have to reblog this. Perhaps, it will give my baby sister ideas in her attempts to get a dog. 😉

  10. …and I’ll eat all my spinach and broccoli!… Nice! 🙂

  11. I’m half-tempted to get this kid a dog, myself! What a SWEET letter! ~Vicki

  12. I love all of his pleas and that “he’ll never play video games”. I hope that he got a dog and that his parents held onto this letter for when he backs out of these deals as he will, we all did.

  13. That awkward moment when this kid writes better cursive than I do…..

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