A Dime A Dozen = A Year’s Worth of Tutoring

Sahaana is a small businesswoman.

Literally. She’s 7.

And she’s saving up to buy her own iPad. So, in hopes of drumming up a little business among attending parents, she advertised her tutoring services during her brother’s birthday party.

Based on her monthly fee and the rate of inflation, Sahaana should be able to purchase her own iPad somewhere around the year 2032.

Sahaana, don’t sell yourself short, even if you are short.

Better grades are worth more than a dime! Add some zeros to that figure and bump the decimal to the right, girl!


Thanks to Vasu and Priya, Sahaana’s parents, for sharing their daughter’s awesome entrepreneurial spirit.

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  1. That is funny! I wonder if she’s offering tutoring in math…

  2. She’ll get the price right. Sounds like an entrepreneur.

  3. Sahaana later wanted to correct her poster to say $10 removing the decimal, and when she realized she had undersold, she questioned why I didn’t correct her earlier and that now parents will expect her to teach their kids at 12 cents and not $120 a year! 🙂

  4. She’s going to price me right out of the market.

  5. This post is adorable! I love the funny things kids say/do

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