What Would Jesus Do? Probably Push-ups

Olivia has shared more of her daughter Teagan’s handiwork. We’ll let her explain.

“Any good parent knows that they are destined to screw up their kids. My goal is to minimize the damage. Unfortunately for my daughter (age 9 1/2), her mother is a fitness instructor and her father is a pastor. She is doomed both in body and soul. Need proof? Here is what she brought home from Sunday school yesterday. The instructions were to cut out scenes from well-known Bible stories and fill in the bubbles over the character’s heads based on the story. I must admit, she may not be entirely wrong . . . “

Thanks to Olivia. You can check out her site Cross Training by clicking here.

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  1. This reminds me of something my son said once (age 5). He was acting out the story of Esther. When Mordecai was asked by Haman why he wouldn’t bow down, Mordecai replied, “Because of my beliefs, and also I have a bad back.”

  2. LOL! That’s hysterical! I love the opening line: “My biceps are killing me!” Dying! Thanks for a much needed laugh (in the middle of my spring cleaning routine that I’m neglecting at the moment). Kids say (and write) the darnedest things!

  3. Charles Wallace

    If the Ark of the Covenant has the stunning inherent powers attributed to it, why it would need four humans to act as the equivalent of pallbearers to God’s magic vessel + mercy seat? Yet another of those mysterious and wondrous ways, I suppose.

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