No Wonder My Dreams Weren’t Coming True: I’d Been Using Shredded Cucumber!

Amanda Bast, who’s sent in great stuff before, submitted this piece. She explains:

A little girl handed me this gem after teaching her grade 4 class. She offered no explanation, just handed it over and refused to explain it.

It reads:

Secret Recipe for your wish to come true

-cat hair

-dog hair          (10 wishes for 10 drops)


-ripped up paper

-cucumber (sliced)



-Pour over head

-think hard


Seems easy enough. And it’s easy to smile when you read Amanda’s stuff, too. Go check out her site by clicking here. Thanks, Amanda!

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  1. To think, I had all the ingredients under my nose this whole time!!

  2. Ah yes, the magic formula. The best part was the delivery of this note: no explanation, no eye contact, just handed it over and left.

    • That makes it even better. Sort of like, “You’ll obviously get this. I don’t need to walk you through it.” Thanks for sending us this beaut. By the way, have your dreams come true?

  3. That’s awesome. I love that you have to think hard as a final step. So in case you try this recipe and it doesn’t work, you know, think harder.

  4. Haha, too funny! I haven’t gotten any lists yet, but my students draw some silly pictures 😛

  5. Reblogged this on Feathering the Empty Nest and commented:
    Mine too!

  6. This is amazing! 🙂

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