Having Fun With Family Axing Turkeys

December has arrived, but here’s a quick recap of November compliments of my 7-year-old son Nolan (and his backpack):

Not sure whether that’s supposed to read “Enjoying family” or “Ignoring family.”

And for the record, our family will go ax a Christmas tree in coming weeks, but we’ve yet to bond while decapitating poultry.

That would be fowl.

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  1. I swear that says Ignoring Family. Tell Nolan I’m so glad to hear there is at least one month that is set aside for me to ignore these crazy people I live with.
    Love it. 🙂

  2. LOL, I love that he knows to have fun with family and then ignore the family, apparently kids have cut off times just as much as adults do, huh? And axing Turkeys is #priceless.

  3. I read it as “Ignoring Family” too (which I try not to limit to November only)…

    And he’s trying not to be “noty”. I love it!


  4. I’m pretty sure it’s “ignoring family.” Oh, the wisdom!

  5. Ohhh my goodness I am cracking up at this! Especially Axing Turkys. You have a priceless gem on your hands haha

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