P.S. – Daddy, Help Yourself to the Three-Layer Dark Chocolate Stuff

Olivia shared this note from her 8-year-old daughter, Teagan.

It’s clear that Teagan understands how dads operate. Her mom explains:

Tonight I had to run by the grocery store to pick up a prescription. Two kids in tow, I sent them to go pick out some Jell-o or pudding (they didn’t even have to agree on a flavor). They thought I was the coolest mom ever; I was just happy to not have them in the pharmacy line with me.

My son, who’s 7, returned with the adult version of pudding: dark chocolate, three layers, and a something that was supposed to look like raspberries. My daughter, who’s 8, came back with lemon-lime Jell-o. Sugar free. In other words, about as tempting as the open-backed gown and hospital bed that usually accompany such a treat.

When we got home, each kid enjoyed a cup and then headed towards their bedtime routines. I went about picking up the tornado of the day, and upon opening the fridge I found this (at least she wrote it with love):

We can only assume that the three-layer, dark chocolate pudding – which did not have a sticky note disclaimer – was fair game.

Smart girl, Teagan.


Thanks to Olivia for submitting to Stuff Kids Write (and please go check out her site Cross Training). She would probably agree that it took her less time to snap a pic of Teagan’s note and email it to stuffkidswrite@gmail.com than it would to eat one of those Jell-o snacks. And Stuff Kids Write has zero calories! (Open-backed gowns are optional.)

So what are you waiting for? Submit today!



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  1. My favorite part about this note is the fact that her signature is carefully crafted in cursive.

    She put in that extra effort to say HANDS OFF.

    Poor Daddy.

  2. In our house, a note would not deter the daddy-monster.

    In fact, hubby would probably get right in there, eat a few packs, then leave the child a “special” little snarky note of his own.

    With same cursive signature.

  3. I agree with Julie. It’s a nice touch that she put the effort into making sure daddy didn’t eat “her” Jello!

    If my other half saw that he would spitefully bake his specialty cookies and then put a note on them barring the kids from the entire plate. I could totally see that happening.

  4. Eww. I can’t stand Jello. If I have kids and they picked out that, they’d be welcome to it. The triple chocolate might disappear though, but it wouldn’t be from my husband who actually tends to dislike sweets. I guess they’ll have to leave notes to Daddy on their carrot sticks.

  5. Reblogged this on enteryourheart and commented:
    This makes me laugh because it has happened to me more than once!

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