Mom Is Not Your Boss

Last month, Tamara and her husband decided to go against their bacon-loving ways and forgo meat. For a month. They have five kids who were also subjected to their 30 Days to Beat the Meat challenge .

Their third child, at age 7, decided to write a persuasive note to her dad.

She wrote:

Nothing like a daughter who can recognize her father’s duress.

But for those of you who may think a husband does not need to answer to his wife, I refer you to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, an opus on relationships.

Now please go to Tamara’s blog, Tamara Out Loud. She is a fab woman and a fab writer who blogs about sex and faith and pole dancing, not always at the same time, but sometimes.

About Leanne Shirtliffe

Leanne Shirtliffe is the author of SLOTH TO THE RESCUE, SAVING THUNDER THE GREAT, THE CHANGE YOUR NAME STORE, and NO MORE BEIGE FOOD (2016). She also wrote humor books DON'T LICK THE MINIVAN: Things I Never Thought I'd Say To My Kids and MOMMYFESTO. She and her family live in Calgary, Alberta because they like complaining about the weather.

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  1. Heh heh. Somehow I knew this would end up here. 😉 After following the 30 days of Bacon Free Living, I guess the tension was running high. Clearly, Maia was looking for an ally to team up with her against her mama.

    But mostly, she just really wanted some bacon.

    And one day Maia will learn the super secret: we women really are the bosses.

  2. The note makes me think, “You’re not the boss of me!”

    Love Big Fat Greek Wedding!

  3. You guys make me want to have kids. I think I should seek counselling. 😉

  4. Trish Loye Elliott

    I agree with Renee. Mom really is the boss!
    Thanks again for the morning laugh.

  5. Kids are so uncensored. Most of the time it’s funny, especially when I just get to read about it. 🙂

    That’s one of my favorite scenes of one of my favorite movies!

  6. Okay now I want to take Advil (for my stiff neck), eat a filet mignon, and go back to school to get…I don’t know.

    SOME kind of degree.

    Because I’m the BOSS, baby!

    (Did mom make you)

    Love it.

  7. This reminds me of myself as at that age. I was always telling my cousin he “wasn’t the boss of me”.

    You won’t have to worry too much about that little girl giving in to peer pressure. 🙂 So cute.

  8. I remember taking care of Mia in the toddler room at church so many years ago — even then she had spunk 🙂 That letter is priceless.

  9. Sounds like my house!
    Except my daughter knows who my boss is!

  10. I’m not sure which I love more, the note, or your comment back to Trish. I used the argument that there’s no meat in bacon in order to begin eating it again when I was pescatarian.

  11. This makes me laugh, because this sounds like something I might have done when I was younger if, god forbid, my parents ever decided to stop eating meat…I would want some bacon! Fortunately enough for me, my stepdad does whatever he wants to most of the time and loves bacon just as much as I do.

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