Where Bacon Comes From

Sure, you love bacon, but do you know where it actually comes from?

Read Nicholas’s book, “All About Pigs,” and you’ll find out.

Besides being a terrific writer, Nicholas is also an outstanding illustrator, and you’ll see that he understands the value of a powerful, well-placed image to provide clarity for the reader.

This is about as clear as it gets.


Thanks to Nicholas and his mom Katie for sharing this “enlightening” kindergarten masterpiece with us.

And as school starts back up, please be on the lookout for funny stuff (intentional or otherwise) that kids write and send it to us at stuffkidswrite(at)gmail(dot)com.

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  1. I truly can’t express how much this made my morning.

  2. I’m so glad the farmers are able to get it out.

    Otherwise, I could I order my trademark sub (“A vegetarian with extra bacon, please.”) Which last week the guy told me was a BLT. This deflated me. It didn’t taste as good either.

  3. Laughing so much and then I see Leanne’s comment too. That picture is priceless. The pig’s eyes are X’d out for the bacon procedure.

  4. This is priceless! Kids rock.

    When my daughter finally understood where bacon came from she said, “You know, baby pigs are cute and all but bacon tastes to darn good not to eat it.” She will never be vegetarian, I’m sure.

  5. *laughing*

    I will think of this every time I have bacon now… which is pretty frequently..

  6. I’d be making a sad face if the farmir were forcing ham and pork and bacon out of my backside, too.

    And the XX’s over the poor pig’s eyes? Pure awesomeness.

    Still, in my opinion, the good stuff already started with the title of the assignment:
    ALL ABOUT______.

    Because surely one can count on a five-year-old not only for accuracy, but also thoroughness.

    Rock on, little piglit. Or as you might say, “Oynk.”

  7. I didn’t understand why the pig had to go to the OB-GYN before he produced the bacon. Kids are so smart. 😉

  8. Hilarious- best one yet!

  9. I love that he spelled “oink” with a “Y”. “Y” is such an underused letter. I’m goyng to start replacying all of my “i”s with “y”s.

  10. y wyll never look at bacon the same way agayn. XX

  11. In kindergarten? Really? Nicholas, you are a genius! I await your future novels with great anticipation!

  12. lol! i love this! especially the pig’s eyes while the farmer is getting the bacon out

  13. Euer imaginärer Freund

    Logical and easy to follow. This one should be in every schoolbook for biology !

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