My Summer Plans? Play Star Wars, Swim, Maybe Kick Some But

Any kid will tell you: summer goes fast.

Too fast. In June it seems summer will be endless. Long, lazy days without an agenda. You get up when you want, meander around, fiddle with this, faddle with that, no rush, no worries, thinking to yourself, “I’ve got all summer.”

Then all of a sudden August is breathing down your neck. You get a little panicky and realize you’d better revisit your summer game plan and prioritize what you’re going to do with the precious time you have left.

Maybe you even write an affirmation statement to remind yourself.

Last week I walked downstairs and found this on the couch. I guessed it was the 7-year-old’s handiwork, judging by the fact that he’d signed his name to it twice.

Good to know that in addition to playing Star Wars, jumping on the tramp, and riding his bike, he’s going to squeeze in some time to put a beatdown on his 4-year-old sister before summer gets away from him.


Before summer gets away from you, submit something funny that a kid wrote to Stuff Kids Write! Just email an image of the writing, an explanation (if necessary), the child’s name (or initials) and age to stuffkidswrite (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  1. The link to this article is messed up. Too many “http’s” in it. Needs to be rebuilt. A great post though.

  2. I came here to do two things: play with Legos and beat on some siblings. Looks like we’re almost out of Legos.

  3. At this point in the summer, I’d be thrilled if any of my kids were showing this much initiative.

  4. I’m not sure what it says about me as a person but I always like the use of the phrase “beat down.” I tried getting to this post via Species but their is something amiss with the link. Not sure if you already know and I’m not one of those people. My brother would look at me and say, “what are you, my editor?” Nope. But with that tone he’s going to catch a beat down.

  5. Holy hilarity. I love your kids.

    Since we’re already a good portion into summer, dare I ask how his big plans are panning out?

    I hope Hellcat’s but is hanging in there…

    or something like that.

  6. LOL! And he left a sort of confession letter. I love it!! Glad I found your blog through another mutual reader… I will visit again!!

  7. It’s good to have goals…poor Hellcat…


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