Falling to Your Doom? Careful Not to Pull a Trapezius.

The last thing we here at Stuff Kids Write want is for you, one of our terrific and loyal readers, to get injured while perusing a post. So if you’d please, follow along for some light stretching of the neck muscles.

First, chin to chest. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. Hold it for a ten count. Beautiful.

Okay, now drape a tea towel over the back of your head, and using gentle resistance, pull your chin from your chest. Nice and easy. Don’t overdo it. That breathing is terrific. Well done.

Lastly, a couple of shoulder rolls. Five to the front. Wonderful. Now five to the back. Again, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Magnificent.

Are we limbered up?

Good. Now you can safely punk out to these lyrics co-written by AS, age 7, and MS, age 10.

So, we all feel better, right? And you didn’t pull anything? Everyone’s necks are okay?

Splendid. Now go jump off a cliff.

Oya. La. La.


Thanks to JM Randolph for this submission. Please go read her “adventures in half-assed step parenting” at Accidental Stepmom. You’ll see that she is a terrific writer and anything but a half-assed stepmom. She’s definitely full-assed.

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  1. I love it….I can almost hear the 2 chord guitar riff in my head, that certainly accompanies it. . I’d write more, but i have to go mohawk my hair spray paint it pink and jump off that cliff now! Oyayayay!

  2. I seriously laughed out loud to this! My children ran in to see why mommy was crazy laughing at the computer.

  3. Is “falling to your doom” worse than “falling to your death”??? Yikes! Probably… Death happens once and it’s done… Doom seems like it could be ongoing!

  4. ”When you jump of a cliff, you fall to your doom! OYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!”


  5. What a rockstar. This has frontman (woman?) written all over it. I’m sure my psychologist friends from the college would be diagnosing stuff kids write. Also, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a by line where the writer was credited with being full-assed. That’s fantastic.

  6. I had the biggest laugh with this. Why do I have a feeling that these kids are going to make it big in the music world one day

  7. Doom hangs around for a while…


    Dying here. (or dooming. either one.)

  8. I have to say, it’s catchy. I find myself humming it.

  9. I am so very proud to be full-assed, with punk-ass kids.

  10. haha, I remember when I was about 3 I wrote a funeral song and played it for everyone I knew. Hahahaha….. wish I could remember it. X]

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