One More Thing: Was Your Mom Annoying?

One day Lori turned on the computer and found her son’s school assignment on the screen. He had written a letter to brothers Tiki and Ronde Barber, professional football players and authors of the children’s book Kickoff!

He had quite a few questions for the Barbers. Had they ever had concussions? How many NFL touchdowns had they scored? Did they play sports other than football when they were kids? Typical inquiries from an excited and curious 5th grader writing to a couple of his sports heroes.

Oh, and one more thing…

Stuff Kids Write staff contacted the Barbers and asked for comment. The brothers’ publicist forwarded this statement:

“Of course she was annoying! She’s a mom!”


Thanks for sharing, Lori. And thanks to everyone one who checked out Stuff Kids Write when it was Freshly Pressed this past week. Thanks especially to all of the new subscribers. We appreciate everyone’s support.


Leanne and Chase

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  1. How funny. My 13-yr-old daughter says, “You are soooo annoying!”

    I reply, “Good. That means I’m doing my job.”

    Thanks for the cute post. 🙂

  2. Kids say the funniest things! So glad you are logging all of them down so you can show them when they grow up! Wish they had blogs when I was growing up, because my Mom would have had a lot to say about me!

  3. Moms. When will they learn and stop being so annoying? I promise I’m not thinking about a follow up comment directed at girlfriends and wives. *braces for cyber slaps* 🙂

  4. classic. and yes, apparently it does start much earlier than 13. my 5-year-old niece said to her mom yesterday: “Careful, Mommy. You don’t want to be annoying like Kylie’s mommy.”

    double ouch

  5. hahahha… My goal in life is to be the most annoying mom I can be. 🙂

  6. Annoying is in the job description.
    Mother Hen

  7. So excited to see the letter posted here. Not sure if I should show my son or not. He might get mad that I shared it. But how cool that you got a response from the Barbers’ rep with an answer. Thank you so much. Off to annoy my kids!

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