Mean Notes for Daddy

My daughter, Vivian, likes to write.

Last weekend, she and her dad were watching Canada and Germany play soccer in the Women’s World Cup.

Daddy told her not to talk, so she wrote.

At first, Vivian engaged him with trivia.

After a few more pages of questions like “find the nouns in this sentence,” my husband told her he didn’t want to play anymore. He wanted to watch the soccer game.

Vivian answered with notes.

Note 1:

Note 2:

(In case you’re wondering, he’s her biological dad).

Note 3:

Vivian is going into Grade 2, and she’s mastered the art of the note.

In rhyming couplets.

Help me.

About Leanne Shirtliffe

Leanne Shirtliffe is the author of SLOTH TO THE RESCUE, SAVING THUNDER THE GREAT, THE CHANGE YOUR NAME STORE, and NO MORE BEIGE FOOD (2016). She also wrote humor books DON'T LICK THE MINIVAN: Things I Never Thought I'd Say To My Kids and MOMMYFESTO. She and her family live in Calgary, Alberta because they like complaining about the weather.

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  1. I do believe that the two of you could easily find enough entertaining notes from YOUR OWN CHILDREN to fill this entire blog each week. These are absolutely priceless. Grade 2, eh? Heh, heh … just wait until hormones kick in.

  2. She’s her Mama’s girl, for sure. Did DH laugh? I sense a blog in V’s future….like, by 4th grade, future.

  3. Mark verrall

    We are sure our 15 yo is going to write a book about how bad of parents we are. We have embraced this and before we dissaplin her we name the chapter the punishment is going to fall under ” This will go under how we wrecked your life for ever,”

  4. Awesome, not only does she have the art of note writing down, she’s also working hard on perfecting the guilt factor.
    yup, you’re in trouble with this one.

  5. huge trouble! i’m wondering if she already has a blog…

  6. “He stinks like a diaper.” I can’t believe she crossed that line.

  7. Hi, found you through FP! Love the blog, and this post especially made my day 😀 Is it wrong that it makes me look forward even more to the day I have kids??

  8. I enjoyed reading this, and look forward to future posts from you.

    Ahhh, kids. They make us smile, they make us cry. We can never be half-hearted when it comes to them.

    My kids “used to be” funny. Then aliens took over and morphed them into teenage monsters.

    I’m workin’ on finding humor in my life as a Mom to two teenagers. 🙂

  9. I love this blog. 🙂

  10. I just found your blog today and I adore these notes…literally LOL’ed, and it was much needed after a not so great day at work. Thanks for putting up such great material.

  11. I can learn and thing or two from Vivian. I need to convince my mother that I should have the right to peaceful driving at the age of 20. I think she can help me.

  12. My daughter is moving up to grade 2 in september this year you’re 7 year old sounds as quirky as my british 6 year old maybe i should take one of the ladies advice on here she has given you and put my daughters notes onto my blog.

  13. This post gave me one of the biggest laughs I’ve had in a while, thanks for sharing this!

  14. It amazes me what kids come up with! At least you were able to get a good laugh out of right? Not just that, but [this is the first time I came across your blog] you’ll have all these wonderful examples for years to come What could be better?

  15. Hi Leanne,
    Just bumped into your blog and was absolutely amused with the topic of the bog and varied posts. The mean daddy one is truly the best.

    My daughter is 3 and half years old. And I am waiting for her to start doodling.. Will sure come back with some post.

  16. Oh. My. Gosh. I literally laughed so hard at those notes that if I wouldn’t have adjusted, I would have toppled out of my chair. My goodness, please don’t stop posting these sorts of things. This made my night!

  17. Congrats on being FP’d, you guys…sorry I missed it!

    I love that Vivian thought her dad would know the capital of Madagascar (and that she came so close to spelling it!). Really happy he saved the notes!


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