The Meen Kind of Ha Ha

There are several common variations of “ha ha”:

  • the happy “ha ha”
  • the sad “ha ha”
  • the flirty “ha ha”
  • the courtesy “ha ha”
  • the anxious “ha ha”
  • the dirty “ha ha”
  • the lethargic “ha ha”
  • the Nelson “ha ha”
  • the inebriated ha ha
  • the relieved ha ha
  • and, of course, the meen ha ha.

Angela submitted this beautifully hand-crafted note from her 5-year-old daughter F.M., who composed her inspired piece during a family road trip.

AFTER being told by her mother that she would have to put her shoes on to go in a restaurant.

It takes a high-quality, food-industry strength paper napkin to absorb that much spite.

And just to make sure there was no confusion regarding the tone of her “ha ha,” once the family was back in the vehicle F.M. wrote this note. And then immediately tore it up.

Hell hath no “ha ha” like a 5-year-old who has to put her shoes back on.


Thanks for sharing, Angela! And please go check out Angela’s website at

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  1. Keith and I are dying! This is hilarious. I’m so glad that Angela isn’t keeping her feelings bottled up. What was her mom thinking with that shoe thing? Ridiculous.

  2. Ha ha! (the happy kind) – this kid’s awesome. Clear, emotionally and expressive. But meen. Really, really meen.

  3. Parents are so outrageous with their unreasonable demands and all.

  4. Next time either of my kids gets really angry with me?

    I’m taking them out to dinner.

    I’ve gotta see if the children’s menus at Chili’s can keep up with this level of indignation.

    Plus, I like their chicken tenders…

  5. Tonight my 3 year old told me “sometimes I don’t love you”. I gave her the ha ha you can’t read a clock and your bedtime is coming earlier tonight!

  6. This is so priceless. At least she’s good at expressing her feelings, right?

  7. Love this line:
    “It takes a high-quality, food-industry strength paper napkin to absorb that much spite.”
    It’s like an instant classic. Great post.

  8. Ha ha…the kind of “ha ha” one laughs who is not the parent of this child…


  9. LOL!!! Oh man I do remember those “ha ha”‘s :sigh:

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