So Your Brother Snorz. It Could Be Worse.

When our oldest was five and just learning to write, he went through a stage where he would communicate through notes, as if to say, “Check this out: I can write.” For instance, if he wanted a glass of milk, he would painstakingly scribble out his order on whatever he found laying around and hand it to you.

One night at bedtime, we found a note stuck to the kitchen counter with a couple of small bullseye stickers (the note was actually written on the back of a sheet of these stickers). While my wife and I were distracted by his three younger siblings during the normal bedtime routine (bathing, pajama-ing, toothbrushing, yelling, threatening), Nolan had scampered off, rummaged through our catch-all drawer, and hurriedly jotted down this request:


We weren’t sure whether the heart skewered by an arrow was meant to be a symbol of endearment or a threatening sign of what may happen if his demands weren’t met. Nolan and his younger brother Reed share a room, and as is most often the case, there can be contentious moments with roommates. My wife and I had a good laugh and headed to bed.

Interestingly, though, I came out the next morning and found this note on the counter:

It’s important for families to communicate.

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  1. Great work so far. Kids rock! Snoring – not so much.

  2. I. Love. This.

    At least he asked.

    It also kind of bothers me that the bullseye stickers are sort of flesh-colored. What are they trying to mark here?

  3. When is KAW starting her own blog? She is mad-funny, too! 😉

  4. On behalf of the long line of female snorers in my family, I protest…


    • Duly noted.

      The absolute loudest snorer I’ve ever been around was our dog, Fremont.

      He would sleep in the garage directly underneath my room and wake me with his snoring.

  5. Very funny! The note hurriedly scribbled on the back of stickers is the act of a desperate soul. Poor child…

  6. Awww…Is that P-Motion? Love his note and the response!

    • P-Motion is the one who snorz. Slim was the scribe. Hellcat scolded both of them for good measure. And Tax Credit #4 said, “No,” which I guess means Slim couldn’t sleep with us.

      Thanks for checking out our new digs!

  7. It’s so strange to read your kids’ real names again, a switch that occurred shortly after you were “pressed”.

    I can’t wait until my son really writes. If he will sit down long enough to do so.

    I love this note exchange.

  8. I am laughing, but it’s with a red face b/c *I* am the one who snores around here. Embarrassing but true. The children have learned to block it out, I think.

    Well, one is deaf, so I guess that explains things a bit…

    GREAT note! LOVED Mum’s response!

  9. I used to snore very loudly; accompanied by wheezes, windy breezes, and an occasional gargle of GERD. Now that my hearing had deteriorated down to the 50% level, I don’t do much of that any more.

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