Like Stuff Adults Write. But Funnier.

Kid + Paper + Pencil (+ Clone Trooper) = Humor

Tragically, millions of adults worldwide attempt to write humorous things on a daily basis with little to no success.

Take us for instance.

Kids, on the other hand, often compose side-achingly hilarious quips with no real intention of being humorous. They’re pint-sized poets viewing the world through Groucho Marx glasses who scratch out their observations on whatever is handy. Writing funny stuff just comes naturally to them.

Sort of like their crazy flexibility. You know, how small children can just drape their ankles up behind their necks like Romanian gymnasts without even thinking about it? Their innate ability to write humorously is just like that.


So we decided to start a site featuring the genius of the baby bards among us. Our own children have written crazy funny things and we figure so has pretty much every other kid in the universe because of that Romanian gymnast writing trait mentioned earlier.

But in order to showcase the real humorists we need your help!

Here’s a prompt to get you started. With Mother’s Day around the corner, grab a kid near you and ask:

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  1. Love it! Can’t wait to read all the funny stuff. 🙂

  2. So glad you guys are collaborating and that I am here to see the baby done get born. 😉 With the two of you at the wheel, well… we’re going off-roading. This is going to be a pisser!

  3. an elephant, because she looks like an elephant. Asked her the same for me and I got a monkey because I like being a monkey. Funny!

  4. Congrats, you guys! Leanne…you might want to fix the typo in your bio…”Candadian”…


  5. Looks fantastic – congrats to you both on your little online bundle of joy…

  6. I love this idea, but I admit to feeling a big slighted.

    With only a 4 year old and a 19 month old, my children’s comedy writing ability is not there yet. Drawing on the other hand.

    I want to win a Starbucks card too…

    Does a verbal translation count?

  7. Congratulations on your new arrival! Do I send a pink gift or a blue gift? Or just a bottle of something?

  8. Good luck you two – kids say teh darndest things!

  9. It’s like two spheres of light, colliding. Or something. It’s gonna be fun, anyway!

  10. Congrats on the new venture!

  11. Charlotte, age 4 1/2: “A zebra! Because I like zebras. Or a cow, because it’s like you have udders.”

  12. kellimwheeler

    Fun site, great idea, can’t wait to see what develops – should turn into a great book down the road!

  13. hilarious, i worked this summer teaching little kids to dance at my studio, hilarious, just the things the lil chillens said i cant imagine what they would write!

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